Stick With Your Purpose

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Stick With Your Purpose

Read: Judges 9: 7-15

Meditation verse:“But the olive tree said to them, ‘should I cease giving my oil, with which they honour God and men, and go to sway over trees?” (Judges 9:9).

Before you were formed, God knew you and ordained you for a particular assignment, this is your purpose on earth (Jeremiah 1:5). He put you here to fulfil this assignment and you have been shaped by God to accomplish it. The shape of an object determines its purpose. A toothpick is shaped to pick, a spoon is shaped to scoop, a bowl is shaped to accommodate. In the same vein, ‘your shape’: Spiritual gifts, Heart (what you are passionate about), Ability (natural inclination), Personality (how you are wired) and experience (your life journey) all point you towards the reason you are here.

It is extremely important that you discover, stick with and actualize your purpose, because when all is said and done you will stand before God and give a full account of how you accomplished your purpose. You will give an account of how you used the gifts and talents that He put inside you. Whether yours is insignificant or great, stick with it. The size of your purpose does not matter to God, it is how well you accomplish it that He is interested in.

The trees once went forth to anoint a king over them. And they said to the olive tree, ‘Reign over us!’ But the olive tree said to them, ‘Should I cease giving my oil, with which they honour God and men, and go to sway over trees?” (Judges 9:8-9). The story is told of a missionary teacher in a small town who received an offer of a job as chief executive in a multinational organization, he declined the offer saying, ‘I will not stoop low by abandoning my purpose in life. When you abandon your life’s purpose due to cares of this world or the pressures of life, you are stooping low. When you choose to purpose someone else’s purpose because it appears more glamourous than yours, you are stooping low. The One who created you did so for a reason. So, stick with your purpose and be who you were called to be, every other person is taken.

IN HIS PRESENCE is written by Oke Chinye.
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