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The Fulfilled Woman with Oke


Hello there. Did you know that your life as a woman is in seasons and transitions? There are  activities which must be completed for each season and time. If these activities are not  completed at the time when they should be completed, internal conflicts arise. Unlike a man who has only productive roles, a woman has both productive and reproductive  roles and both come with enormous responsibilities. You are first a daughter, a sister, a  worker, a citizen, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, God’s servant. Examples of seasons and  transitions a woman goes through include, marriage, motherhood, child rearing, moving to a  new place, middle Life, menopause, empty nest, and retirement. Each of the different seasons  come with their own challenges.  

Because of the multiple roles we occupy, our life activities can hardly be lived in isolation. We  are connected to various kinds of people, you have a connection to a sister, a mother, a  husband, a child, your Heavenly Father. So, there is always a pull from different angles, which  we must take into consideration before we make decisions. The desire to balance the  productive and reproductive roles is a major source of conflict. Each of these seasons can  keep you stuck in life and lead to unhappiness if not properly managed. But you can learn  how to live a happier more fulfilling and productive life irrespective of whatever season you  are in. You can make the most of what you have and who you have become in each season.  

How can you make the most of the seasons of your life? I have shared some strategies below, focusing more on the season of midlife.  

  1. You must understand and acknowledge this fact that your life as a woman is in  seasons. Do not resent this fact for each is only a temporary phase. When you  understand that your life is in seasons and transitions and you embrace each  season with gratitude, your level of contentment will increase as you transition  from one season to the other. And you will be more patient with yourself. You will  be at peace with yourself.  
  2. Intentionally prepare and plan for each season so that you can make the most of  it. Failing to plan is already planning to fail. The bible says “be ready in season and  out of season. Get all the information you require to make the most of the season  before it comes. Evaluate your situation and options, be decisive and take action  that will move you forward. When I was transiting out of my season of being an at  home mother, I evaluated my situation and agreed that I needed to reinvent  myself if I was to move forward. I went back to school to do a master’s program.  So, plan for what you need to do to make the most of the season you are transiting  into.
  3. The transition to the different seasons can occur naturally or we can decide to  transit on your own, for instance as a matured single, you appraise your life and  decide to move forward by adopting a child, thereby entering a season of  motherhood or as a widow, you decide to transition back into being a wife again.
  4. Whichever way it occurs, be prepared and be as authentic as you can be. Stay  truthful to yourself. Do not attempt to live a fake life. Realize you do not owe  anyone any explanation. 
  5. Attitude they say is everything. It is imperative that you maintain a good attitude  irrespective of the challenges imposed on you by virtue of the season you are in.  Your attitude affects your emotions, your emotions affect your thoughts, your  thoughts affect your behaviour, your behaviour affects your outcomes in life which  in turn affects your attitude. It’s a vicious circle. Want to get good outcomes in  each season of your life, watch your attitude. You can either see the glass as half  empty or half full, the choice is yours.  
  6. Always have a vision and a plan, no matter how hazy it is at that point in time. Life  planning is simply a proactive approach to life which determines your next step  and beyond, thereby allowing you to get the most out of life. If you don’t know  where you are going, you would end up someplace else and the chances are you  won’t like where you end up. See your life plan as a rough outline that will likely  change as your circumstances warrant. Your life plan will enable you to get the  most out of life. It will help you to clarify your goals and can serve as a reference  document when things seem confusing.  

In my next blog, I will be sharing some more strategies to help you make the most of this  season of your life.  

Please leave your comments below and I will see you soon, 

Yours in service,

Oke (Okespeaks) 


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