In HIS Presence


Read: Isaiah 30:15-16

Meditation verse:

“For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest, you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence, shall be your strength. But you would not” (Isaiah 30:15)


How can you begin to move from striving and fretting into the place of rest that God designed for you?

Lean on the One who is in control of all things including your circumstances and future. Lean on His strength, grace, and love. You cannot do anything without Him. So why fret?


Wait on God. Be still in His presence and let him refresh your soul. Isaiah 30: 15- 16 In returning and rest, you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence, shall be your strength. Isaiah 40:31 says they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. How do you wait on Him? Meditate on His word, pray, fast, and listen to inspirational music. Do anything that opens your spirit to receive from Him. In His presence, He releases Rhema. You must depend on Rhema and not on what you see with the naked eye. Otherwise, you will continue to fret.


Commit everything to His hands. He holds your future in His hands. Realize that you cannot seek your future. You do not have that ability. Your future will seek you by His guidance. Keep your eyes on Him. Isaiah 26:3 says He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. So, focus on Jesus. Stop focusing on the challenges. Whatever you focus on magnifies. If you focus on the problem, it will magnify. If you focus on God’s ability to help you, that magnifies also. So today, lean on Him, trust Him, meditate on Him, and focus on Him. Stay away from sin and disobedience. And you will find yourself moving from striving to resting.


IN HIS PRESENCE is written by Oke Chinye.
Have you asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart?

He says in Mathew 11:28, “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” He longs to give you rest."

Would you like to do so now? Here’s a prayer you can say:
Dear Jesus, I believe that You died to save me from all my sins. Today, I invite you into my heart and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Please forgive all my sins and help me to live my life for You.

If you prayed this prayer, send me an email at rockteachingministry@gmail.com

I would love to pray with you personally and send you a copy of my book; ‘Living the Life’ to encourage you as you begin your new life in Christ.

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  1. Akpang Rebecca

    Very rich and Spirit-led topics.
    Just blessed always.

    1. The Rock Teaching Ministry

      May you continue to be blessed and guided by the Spirit in all aspects of your life.

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