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Hello and welcome to my blog. Are you a woman in your middle years just like me (40-65yrs)?  Then, the Fulfilled Woman is designed just for you. My name is Oke Chinye, I’m the founder  of The Rock Teaching Ministry. My singular objective here is to help you rediscover yourself,  reconnect with your purpose and passion, and get you excited about the prospects of your  future. I will also be sharing my life’s journey with you, to inspire, encourage and motivate  you to become all you were created for. Because you know what? Your best years are not  behind you, they are ahead of you. 

Are you out there wondering where all the years have gone and what you have done with  them? Do you find yourself constantly reminiscing about your life and feeling dissatisfied? Do  you feel restless, unfulfilled, and stuck? Do you feel anxious and uncertain about your future?  If your answer is yes, I need you to know that you are not alone.  

In the wake of my turning 50, I found myself in a place of constant restlessness and anxiety. I  would review my life unconsciously and feel thoroughly dissatisfied in certain areas. I was  barely sleeping and even when I managed to sleep, I would wake up suddenly, with my heart  pounding. I soon realised that I was going through a midlife crisis. I had always served God  and tried to live my life on purpose, but because I knew that God’s will for me is always that  of peace, I knew something was missing. I knew I needed to take time out to seek God. I learn  best in solitude and by reflecting. So that’s what I did. 

As turned to God for answers, He opened my life like a book before me: I saw ways in which I had undermined my own success. I saw door of opportunities I had shut  because of fear and limiting beliefs. I saw ways in which instead of standing and fighting, I  gave up and walked away. I saw the relationships I had discounted, and as alarming as it  sounds, I also saw the ones I was in the process of destroying. I saw how I had deviated from  my purpose because of the exigencies of life. I saw character flaws that I needed to straighten.  I also saw my strengths and the very many ways I had done well. My strengths became so  clear, and my weak areas starred me in the face. I believe God enabled me to do a life review  to see how I had fared, but more importantly to see what areas I needed to fix urgently to  transition into the next phase of my life. I have had to rediscover myself and reconnect with  my purpose. This blog is a product of reconnecting with my purpose. 

The transition to middle life is a major season that throws up a lot of emotional and  psychological challenges. It is a rude awakening for some women. It is a period of transition  when either or some of 3 things are happening in your life: you are either struggling with the  challenges of the present changes which could be physical and emotional, or you are bogged  down with regrets or mistakes of your past, or you are discouraged or excited about the  prospects of the future. Most people do a life audit at this phase of their lives. It is a season  when you do a lot of self-evaluation with tendency to feel that you are not where you should be. You begin to question your past choices. Men and women alike go through this phase, but  it is more challenging for women, because of the many challenges of balancing her many  roles. So, some roles would have suffered, leaving regrets in its trail. It is made particularly  challenging by the fact that your looks are no longer the same. Gravity and the pull of your  many roles have begun to take their toll. You may even begin to feel you have wasted your  life.  

If you are currently in the place of questioning and regrets, l will hold your hand and help you  transition to a place of peace, contentment, and fulfilment. I will guide you through the life  auditing process and show you how to rediscover your authenticity, reconnect to your  purpose and recalibrate your life’s goal. So that you can redirect the midlife crisis missile to  keep it from crashing over your entire life and those around you.  

Midlife does not have to be a crisis; it can be a blessing. It can be a natural time to do a life audit, which can in turn present an opportunity to rediscover your authentic self and the true  essence of who you were created to be. Midlife can become meaningful if rooted in the  purpose that God ordained for you. Here’s God’s promise to you in Jeremiah 29:11-14: “For I  know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,  plans to give you hope and a future.  

In my next blog, I will be showing you how you can transition to a place of satisfaction,  fulfilment, and success, because you know what, there’s still so much ahead of you.  Feel free to leave your comments below and I will see you soon, 

Yours in service,

Oke (Okespeaks) 



IN HIS PRESENCE is written by Oke Chinye.
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