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Read: Acts 7: 1-57
Meditation verse:

“As you do not know what is the way of the wind, or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child, so you do not know the works of God who makes everything” (Ecclesiastes 11:5-6)

God is always working out His perfect will for your life. He is always busy behind the scenes to bring forth His plan. He declares the end of the beginning and then set things in motion. Though the circumstances of your life may not seem like that to you at that moment. Look at the summary of the sufferings of the patriarchs and the nation of Israel in today’s reading and see how God was working out His perfect plan all the time.

Vs 2: God called out Abraham to a foreign land.
Vs 6-8: God told Abraham about the promise and gave him the covenant of circumcision, then he begot Isaac and Isaac begot Jacob and Jacob begot the twelve patriarchs amongst whom was Joseph.
Vs 9: Joseph was sold to slavery into Egypt by his envious brothers.
Vs 10: But God was with him, and he found favour with Pharoah who made him governor over all.
Vs 11: A great famine came over all Egypt and Canaan.
Vs 13: Jacob sent his sons to Egypt for food.
Vs 14: Joseph was revealed to them, and he sent for his father and all his relatives.
Vs 17: When the time of God’s promise drew near, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt.
Vs 18: A king who did not know Joseph arose and dealt treacherously with them.
Vs 20: Moses was born and got raised by Pharoah’s daughter.
Vs 29: Moses fled after killing the Egyptian and dwelt in Midian.
Vs 30: After 40years, God appeared to him in a burning bush and commissioned him to go set His people free.
Vs 37: He led them out of Egypt through the wilderness and after 40 years, they eventually got to the promised land. And God’s promise was fulfilled.

God is never late with His promises “for a thousand years in His sight are like yesterday when it is past” (Psalm 90:4). Irrespective of how this year has been, do not lose hope. God is at work in your life and in the fullness of time, His perfect plan will unfold. So, keep the faith and press on.

IN HIS PRESENCE is written by Oke Chinye.
Have you asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart?

He says in Mathew 11:28, “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” He longs to give you rest."

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Dear Jesus, I believe that You died to save me from all my sins. Today, I invite you into my heart and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Please forgive all my sins and help me to live my life for You.

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