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Psychologists often say that it is not so much the events in our lives that distress us, rather, it  is our attitude towards the events. When you encounter an event, you immediately develop  an attitude around what has happened, which could either be a positive or a negative one.  The attitude will generate thoughts within you which will evoke certain feelings or emotions  in you. The feelings will determine the action you take which will eventually lead to an  outcome. The outcome again leads to an attitude and the cycle continues. If that attitude was  a positive one, it will evoke a positive emotion like joy or gratitude, and this will trickle down  the chain and lead to a positive outcome. If on the other hand it was a negative one, it will  evoke negative thoughts and emotions in you like anger or sadness which will lead to a  negative action on your part, leading eventually to a negative outcome.  

Two little girls went to the beach with their parents and whilst playing by the shore, a huge  wave arose in front of them. The first child screamed in horror, ‘I can’t believe our parents  brought us here to die’, and frantically tried to get away from the wave as fast as she could.  The second child screamed in delight “I can’t believe it took our parents this long to bring us  here”, running excitedly towards the wave. How do you explain the different reactions to the  same event? ATTITUDE. The first child perceived the wave as a threat, the other saw it as fun.  The same event resulted in opposite reactions, based on two different attitudes and thoughts  around what had occurred. 

Your attitude towards the things that happen to you in life is extremely important, as it will  determine your outcomes. You may not be able to control some of your life events, as life can  happen any time. Businesses may fail, relationships may fail, people may be nasty to you,  there will be times when you will be broke. If you are alive, changes can occur, but you can  control your attitude and reaction to the things that happen to you. And your attitude and  reaction to it will determine the action you take which will determine the outcome or result  you get. Therefore, if you want to change your outcomes in life for the better, you will need  to change your attitude.  

You need to understand the following: 

You have little or no control over what life throws at you, but you can control your attitude  and thoughts towards them and by extension control your life’s outcomes. As you live your  life daily, remember that nothing means anything except the meaning you give to it and the  meaning you give to it is not the only meaning. There are always several perspectives to every  event. The glass can either be half empty or half full. Jesus told His disciples to be of good  cheer as they live in the world; that speaks of having a positive attitude, irrespective of what  is going on around you. Choose to see your adversities as opportunities for growth. Always  see your glass as half full, rather than half empty. 

You are not a failure, that business just failed, and many factors which are outside of you, could have been responsible. You are not a worthless person; you just need to keep searching  for better ways to create wealth for yourself and family. People do not get you irritated they  just do what they do. And you can choose how to react to them which will improve your  relationship with them in the long run. You are responsible for how you respond emotionally  and behaviourally, irrespective of what is going on around you. This truth is so self empowering. So, choose your attitude and thoughts carefully. The more in control you are of  your thoughts, the more the options will be. If you have only one option, take a pause,  because your emotions have overruled you. If you want to live a life of fulfilment, peace, and  purpose, if you want to improve your relationships, a more peaceful marriage, if you want  better outcomes in every area of your life, you must choose your attitude. You must guard  your thoughts, for out of your heart flows the issues of life. As a man thinketh in his heart so  is he.  

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Yours in service 

Oke (Okespeaks) 


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