Break Away From The Survival Mindset


Break Away From The Survival Mindset

A person’s attitude is his or her settled way of thinking or feeling about something. It is the belief you hold about something. Your attitude has been shaped by your upbringing, experiences, environment, culture as well as your relationships (the people you hang out with. A survival attitude will lead to a survival mindset, whilst a mindful attitude will lead to a mindful mindset. “Mindset” is simply the established set of attitudes held by someone”. 

When you hold a survival mindset, you tend to be very judgemental of yourself and others. You notice every little thing. You are very sensitive. When corrected, you tend to feel threatened and defensive. But when you hold a mindful attitude, you are accepting of self and others. You excuse people easily. You even make excuses for them. Because you are mindful of yourself and of othersYou arenon-defensive and open to correction.

With a survival mindset, you are unaware of yourself.  You are unaware of your strengths. You therefore tend to compare yourself with others or try to be like them. You focus more on what you don’t have. The glass is always half empty for you rather than half full

You also are unaware of others, how they feel around you and the emotions you evoke in others. Emotions are contagious. We have the ability to affect the emotions of those around us. People with a mindful mindset will notice how others feel when they are around them. They are able to make others feel good and welcome. Everyone wants to be around them.

With a survival mindset, you are mostly rigid and reactive. You find it difficult to accept and choose not to listen to other people’s options.

But with a Mindful mindset, you will manage your feelings and behaviours better. You are focused on others. You value and know the importance of others in your life. It doesn’t mean you overlook your needs, but you are grateful for what you have and always want to share.

You are open to and explore different opinions. You actively listen.

With a survival mindset, you blame others for your setbacks and avoid responsibility or accountability. You respond negatively to criticism, constantly argue and try to defend yourself even when it is obvious you are at fault. You always feel picked on. But with a mindful mindset, you are open to criticism. You accept your faults, take responsibility for your actions and apologise when you need to. You assertively address conflicts and difficult situations. You do not shy away from conflicts and tend not to take conflicts personal. You are able to separate the issues from the person because your approach is I’m Ok and you are Ok. So, let’s get to the root of this”.

People with the survival mindset are focused on getting results regardless of others. Because they are not mindful of others. They engage in unhealthy rivalry, because they tend to compare and compete.

Their focus is delivering at all costs. it’s I WIN, YOU LOSE.

With the mindful mindset, you deliver results whilst valuing others and relationships. You engage and collaborate. It is I WIN YOU WIN.

People with survival mindsets always create a survival climate everywhere they go and they end up with short term successes.

Whereas people with mindful mindset create mindful climates around them and end up with long term successes.

Next week, I will be sharing on five strategies to help you develop a more to mindful mindset.

I remain your partner for success as you transition to the best ‘YOU’.

IN HIS PRESENCE is written by Oke Chinye.
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