Who Says Your Best Years Are Behind You?


Midlife can be a rude awakening

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My Mid-life Crisis Story

In the wake of turning 50, I found myself in a place of constant restlessness and anxiety. I would review my life unconsciously and feel thoroughly dissatisfied in certain areas. I was barely sleeping and even when I managed to sleep, I would wake up suddenly, with my heart pounding. I soon realised that I was going through a midlife crisis.

I sensed something was missing so I shut down everything and turned to God for answers. He took me through a journey of exploration, opening up my life like a book: I saw ways in which I had undermined my own success. I saw doors of opportunities I had shut because of fear and limiting beliefs. I saw ways in which instead of standing and fighting, I gave up and walked away. I saw relationships I had discounted. And most importantly, I saw how I had deviated from my God -ordained purpose in life. I have had to reconnect with my purpose, passion and authentic self. The fears have given way to excitement about my future.

It is this journey of exploration that I invite you to in this event: WHO SAYS YOUR BEST YEARS ARE BEHIND YOU?

Midlife throws up a lot of emotional and psychological challenges. It can be a rude awakening because you are either struggling with the challenges of the present changes or you are bogged down with regrets of your past, or you are frightened about your future. You feel you are not where you should be and begin to question your past choices.

If you are currently in the place of questioning and regrets, l will hold your hand through the journey of exploration in this program and help you transition to a place of peace, contentment, and fulfilment. I will guide you through the life auditing process and show you how to rediscover your authenticity, reconnect to your purpose and recalibrate your life’s goal. So that you can redirect the midlife crisis missile to keep it from crashing over your entire life and those around you.

Midlife does not have to be a crisis;
it can be a blessing.

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